The Hunted

It’s gonna cost a small fortune. So, like the new scoop-necked tube tops? I’ll be in the change rooms. When she gets there, she finds a really hot guy outside the rooms. She scans his body. Isn’t it forbidden for you guys to buy from the Khaki Barn? We’re at retail war with you. I’m saving my money to go traveling next summer. I’ve had that trip planned in my head since my Grade 8 poly-sci project!

Jonesy-Nikki Relationship

Photos from the individual 6teen episodes are listed along with the 6teen episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Are you remembering a funny scene but can’t think of the name that the 6teen episode is from? Scroll below and you’ll find what you’re looking for. Meanwhile, Jude tries to compete against his rival Mike Dent in a skateboarding race.

Darth, Jonesy and Stone have been attracted to Nikki (the later two dating her), while Cody, Duncan, and Trent have been attracted to Gwen (the later two dating her as well). Nikki used to do dance and wore glasses in the first grade. EX Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

Jen’s mother, Emma will be soon going into labor at the hospital while Jonesy and Jude start wheelchair races in the hospital corridors. Caitlin is forced to use a pay phone, which she has a fear of using, rather than her cell phone which she is forbidden to use in the hospital. Meanwhile, Nikki is too afraid of babies to help Jen’s mother with the breathing exercises. Jen tries to be excused from work to go see her mother at the hospital, but she ends up getting stuck in many places, from having her shoelace stuck in the escalator to getting put in the slammer at Ron the Rent-a-cop’s office, and when Nathan, a new boy Jen likes, helps to free her, they both end up stuck inside one of the mall’s elevators.

But she then puts them back. She then goes to Jonesy for advice on how to switch the babies back, eventually leading into Nikki telling Jonesy that she loves him. She then disguises herself as a nurse in an attempt to switch the babies back and prevent a couple from mistakenly taking the wrong baby home. In the end, Jude takes a picture of everyone gathered around the new baby, Emma.

Jen then assigns Jonesy to take care of baby Emma on her behalf while she works. Jonesy gets bored at home, so he takes Emma to the mall, but baby Emma kept crying so he gives her to Nikki to look after. Nikki, meanwhile, experiences weird dreams about being in a relationship with Darth, so she passes the baby to Caitlin. Needing to get away from his new co-worker Wayne, Wyatt leaves with the baby and heads to the ice rink to give her to Jonesy, but Jude puts her on the Zamboni, which then drives off into the mall after Jude accidentally disengages the parking brake.

Nikki Wong

Or not, just as long as they’re having them. If the content of the dream is homoerotic in nature , expect this to either be played for laughs or used to increase the psychological ramifications of the dream. If the other party is actually present thanks to Dream Walking or other magic, this becomes a Mental Affair. Unfortunately it’s a case of Interrupted Intimacy , as the protagonist’s teasmade always alarms whenever things get interesting.

Ikkyu rudely wakes him up.

[Nikki and Wyatt walk into Grind Me. Wyatt is clad in his work uniform.] Nikki: “Hey Wyatt, fashion tip. You don’t need to wear the hat until you’re actually at work.”.

Even when Nikki returns, nights with her friends are still rowdy. Hot gossip over tequila shots? Late night conversations about aliens and the future? Originally published in on fanfiction. I wanted to write a fic about the gang being crazy, fun, and free, because that’s how they are when they all hang out. And I can imagine that they’d only get rowdier post-series. This fic was lowkey inspired by Truccy’s “See You Undone,” a really great one-shot on fanfiction. There’s nothing heavy or intense about this fic; it’s a slice-of-life story, not unlike the actual show.

Also it’s one of my longest one-shots. Anyways, hope you enjoy this! See the end of the work for more notes. After a year and a half in Nunavut, Nikki was back in Toronto tonight, officially coming back to the area a couple weeks ahead of her freshman year of college. It was a long time coming, but, once the gang found out she would be back, they impatiently counted down the days.

It’s Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney!

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Nikki and Jonesy – jonesy do NOT tuch there! Find this Pin and more on 6teen by Sarah Jane. Nikki and Jonesy – 6teen jonesy do NOT tuch there!! See more. Funny pictures about This Netflix Dating Service Should Exist. Oh, and cool pics about This Netflix Dating Service Should Exist.

Here’s me again, writing something i dont normally do. Read the epilogue of Naruto last night andi got some crazy ideas of what might happen to some TD’s cast many years later. The time he spend in the Drama Machine had made him pity other people with “lava incident” and so he become a doctor specialised in putting these people in Drama Machines. As a result of his “lava incident” he had become sterile meaning no baby Al. Cody- Move to Japan as a desperate attempt to get away from Sierra.

Married a girl there who resembles a pink version of Gwen and he become a mangaka. Also involve in creating crazy gadgets. Harold- Got acquainted with Darth Mall and together they direct space movies starring themselves. All of them receive negative review except one.

Total Drama Cast 16 Years Later

Wong are minor characters in 6teen. Appearance Edit They are Nikki’s parents. They are usually seen wearing clothing from the s.

Reef-Fin relationship. View source. History Comments (78) Share. The first thing Reef and Fin do is start fighting, then they make a bet. Loser buys lunch for the winner, which is another little hint that they want to go out. This is similar to the Jonesy-Nikki relationship from 6teen and the Duncan-Courtney relationship from the Total.

Wyatt is clad in his work uniform. You don’t need to wear the hat until you’re actually at work. I might as well wear a sign that says ‘I earn minimum wage’! One no-foam soy chai latte? Man do I need this coffee. I was up till 3 AM writing new songs for the Burger Bible. Oh, I have the worst writer’s block. Don’t beat yourself up. We’re on break, and news flash, you’re not, so hurry it up with those caps! He spills hot bean juice on his crotch. You don’t know how to make them, do you.

Nikki is reminding someone to read their training manual? This is too funny!

List of 6teen Fanon Episodes

Plot[ edit ] 6teen is an animated sitcom for children, pre-teens, and teenagers. The plots take place almost entirely in a gigantic shopping mall. The series follows the cast of six sixteen-year-old friends in everyday lives, including their first part-time jobs. The main characters are:

Jonesy and Nikki starting dating a little after Season 1, I believe.. Wyatt has dated 2 people (From what we can see): Serena and Marlo. Jude used to date Star, but they bro ke up after Star turned goth.

Wyatt, Caitlin, Jen, and Jude are loveless at the time so they get mad when they see Jonesy and Nikki flirting with each other right in front of them. Nikki suggested sarcastically to join a speed dating session, and Jonesy decided he wanted to host it because he got kicked from his last job, and needed money. So, Nikki and Jonesy start a speed dating service for Jen, Caitlin, Jude and Wyatt to help find their special someones.

Jen received a new method of being mean and unattainable for getting guys from Jonesy while Nicki seconded Caitlin’s idea to be nice and respectful to the guys. Therefore, they made it a competition; Caitlin used her nice and sweet act and Jen used her too-good-for-you methods on the double date they had to go to with the two Asian twins they chose. Both of them are nervous, and Jonesy and Nikki at once interfered with the foursome because of arguing.

What made it worse was that Caitlin kissed the wrong boy! Jen purposely kissed the other boy as payback, and the four switched couples, and it was for the best because they liked each other more. Meanwhile, Jude sees Starr again, but he has to take an IQ test to see if he’s smart enough to hang out with her because Starr had decided to change her image into a nerd.

At first, he freaked out and made Wayne do his IQ Test, which he procrastinated on and got a score

Opposites Attack

She has a sarcastic personality, a quick wit and a sharp tongue and is quick to laugh at the humorous misfortunes of others, but she also cares about her friends and will stand up for them when needed, occasionally even making threats of physical violence against those foolish enough to hassle her pals. For most of the series, Nikki works at the Khaki Barn as a sales associate, but she hates her job there because of her co-workers, three girls named Chrissy, Kirsten and Kristen whom Nikki nicknamed ” The Clones ” , so she sets out to torment them by doing as little work as possible and slacking when she does work.

She also once worked briefly at Stereo Shack under the watch of a Star Wars geek named Darth , who had an unrequited crush on Nikki. She is embarrassed by her parents because of their choice to wear dated outfits from the s. She loves listening to rock music, but also secretly likes the boy band DawgToy which Caitlin and Jen , who are also fans of the band, later discover to their delight and Nikki’s embarassment.

She was initially unfriendly toward Caitlin, although she later warmed up to her and welcomed her into the gang.

[A fish is swimming around in an aquarium.] Blue Fish: “What a fine day here on the reef. It sure would rock to have a finned friend to frolic with.” [A red fish swims up to the blue fish.].

I’m sixteen, life is sweet When you’re growing up so fast You gotta make the good times last! The series lasted from November, to February, , with four seasons and a total of 93 episodes. There’s a recap page that could use some work for the episodes, and a Best Episode Crowner. Eight years after 6teen ended, Jude would later be confirmed to appear in Total Drama Daycare. Absurdly Powerful Student Council: The show takes place in a mall instead of a school, but otherwise Tricia fills the role perfectly in “Unhappy Anniversary”.

Jonesy tried to overcome this so he could get the free snack after a donation as well as prove to Nikki that he isn’t a wuss.

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